[Case Study] Getting Clients From Facebook Ads

By on August 15, 2014

casestudy_ad_1200x627_v01Spending money on advertising can be scary.

But once you do it right it’s also liberating for your business.

Because you know where your next clients are coming from.

And you know how to turn on the tap to grow your business.

But you don’t want to waste money while learning the ropes either.

Why Most Advertising Doesn’t Make Money

Many business owners believe that advertising is a waste of money.

They feel like they “have to do it” to compete…

But don’t really know if it’s bringing them new clients or not.

That’s because most advertising comes from the “Spend and Hope” school of thought.

They create an ad and hope people buy stuff.

This is the fastest way to lose money when advertising.

Advertising Is An Investment

When a good investor puts money into a deal they’ve already done the math and are confident in their predictions.

They know how much money they’ve put in, how much they expect to get back and how long it’ll take.

When investing in advertising you’re doing exactly the same thing.

You need to know…

  1. How much you’re investing
  2. How much you expect to get back
  3. How long it’ll take to get a return

Stop Buying Eyeballs… Start Buying Sales

It doesn’t matter how many people see your ad.

What matters is how many people take action and buy from you.

So you obviously need to measure your results.

And luckily for us, measuring results is very easy online.

DON’T Send People To Your Homepage

If you’re advertising your homepage then stop right now.

Instead you want to start advertising a specific offer.

That means you send people to a specific page on your website with a specific offer for them to take.

From there you can measure your results and improve.

Why $50 Is The Best Way To Start

When you learn how to get clients with Facebook ads we recommend starting with a $50 test so you can prove your results.

It’s no good spending $5,000 and getting nothing back.

So start small and scale.

In a moment, you’ll see a campaign using our simple 3 step process.

We tested our campaign with $50 to see if it was profitable and then scaled it up from there.

A Live Case Study From A $50 Test

Here are the results from a recent test that we ran.

Note that these aren’t our best, most super awesome amazing results designed to make you throw money at us (but we could never repeat).

It’s just simply our latest test.

We sent the traffic to an opt-in page to collect their email address then offered a $7 product to the new subscribers and a $47 one time offer if they bought that.

Website Clicks: 55
New Subscribers: 21
Landing Page Conversion: 38.18%

Sales: 3 x $7 + 1 x $47 = $68
Sales Conversion ($7 Product): 14.29%
Sales Conversion ($47 Upsell): 33.33%

Disclaimer: Results not typical. We don’t know you, your business or your level of marketing experience.

That means we spent $50 and made $68.

So we got $18, 3 new clients and 21 subscribers from this test.

And we can invest $1 and get back $1.36 each time.

Doesn’t Sound Like Much?

Well now we know it works we’re scaling the campaign so if the numbers hold we could invest…

  • $500 and get $680 ($180 profit) plus 210 new subscribers
  • $1,000 and get $1,360 ($360 profit) plus 420 new subscribers
  • $5,000 and get $6,800 ($1,800 profit) plus 2,100 subscribers
  • $10,000 and get $13,600 ($3,600 profit) plus 4,200 subscribers

And of course those numbers might not hold but we should get somewhere close.

Either way…

The new clients and subscribers are likely to buy more.

In fact, we’re happy if we’re investing $1 and making $1 while acquiring new clients and subscribers because we know we’ll make money in the future.

Our goal is simply to breakeven on new client acquisition.

Selling Services Using This Method

It works exactly the same way when selling your services.

The math actually gets a bit easier for you because you’re making more money on the initial sale.

For example, if you charge $100 an hour and your average client immediately spends 2 hours with you then you have $200 to invest to acquire a client.

Then every time they work with you it’s pure profit on your time.

Plus for that $200 you’ll be collecting a bunch of new subscribers who may work with you in the future if you nurture the relationship and provide a lot of value to their lives.

When Losing Money Can Actually Be Good!

Continuing our example, say it cost us $500 in advertising to get a client who initially purchased $200 from us…

… But we know from experience that they’re likely to pay us $2,000 over the first year of our relationship.

Well then we just spent $500 to make $2,000 plus any future income that client generates.

Sure, we have to cover that extra $300 until they purchase from us again… but it might only be a few weeks or a month.

The point is that when you have a good system in place and know your numbers… then getting clients is easy.

And it all starts with a $50 test.

Action Steps (Or How To Win In Business)

  1. Use the Facebook Ad Formula to develop your campaign
  2. Test until you create a profitable system that works for you
  3. Scale it up until you’re happy with the income you’re creating

How To Get Clients From Facebook

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