How To Get More Sales Without Being Sleazy

By on February 15, 2018

How To Treat New Leads Well And Still Get Sales

When a new lead joins your email list… should you try to go straight for the sale or warm them up with valuable content first?

The answer (based on the numbers)… is both.

An Engagement Campaign is designed to deliver on the promise of what they signed up for and follow up on the special offer you made.

We use 4 emails for lower priced items and extend it for higher prices.

An Indoctrination Campaign (marketers love fancy names) is about welcoming people to your brand and delivering value in advance.

This is where you can introduce your business, your values, what you stand for (and against) as long as it’s relevant to your market.

When a subscriber joins your list they’re the most excited about your company and this is the time you want to turn them into a customer.

This proven approach increases immediate sales and develops your brand without you coming across as a sleazy salesperson.

How to get our proven email campaigns installed in your business… 

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