Simpleology Review – My Success Story

By on August 11, 2009

Simpleology Review – My Success StoryI thought I’d do a quick Simpleology review for you to follow up on my post yesterday about the secret of success. Now the first question you’ll have is probably “What the hell is Simpleology?” Seems like a good place to start.

Simpleology is a method of achieving your dream life that has been developed by Mark Joyner. It’s a way of focusing on what you want until you actually reach your goals… rather than getting bored 5 minutes in. The clever – yet simple – system helps you keep on track.

And just to sweeten the deal a little more… the main course – Simpleology 101 – is completely free. Plus using it will only take you 15 minutes a day.

My Experience With Simpleology

About a year and a half ago I heard about Simpleology so I went and signed up. However, I found the control panel a little overwhelming and wasn’t prepared to figure it out. You may know the feeling… so much to do yet so little time.

Big mistake! I managed to lose a lot of time in that year and a half by being unfocused and hence still have many goals left on the table. It’s one of those “If only I knew what I know now” cases.

Luckily I picked up Mark’s book (Simpleology – The simple science of getting what you want) and it just blew me away. The insights into psychology and how we’re being manipulated and influenced every day was something I hadn’t really thought about… and I work in marketing 😉 It also clearly explained the system and it made a lot of sense to me.

So I decided to log in to the course again and be a little more committed this time. And I must say the results have been very impressive.

Changes Since Starting Simpleology 101

I am now a lot more focused on my monetary goal for the end of the year. It’s a big one but I’m quite confident I can reach it in no small part to the progress I’m now making thanks to Simpleology. It’s enabled me to stay focused and continue to put one foot in front of the other.

I’ve also started working out every morning which is something I’ve never managed to keep up during my life. Now I’m running every day and have now added weights to the routine. An added benefit of this is I listen to marketing and business growth audios at the same time which is only adding to my productivity.

Here are some further highlights since starting Simpleology:

  • I’ve quadrupled my consulting fees and still have clients happy to pay them
  • I’ve made a contact who’s going to get me free PR on TV and other places for some of my marketing help
  • I have three more money making websites in the process of launching – automated money mmm
  • I’ve met all sorts of interesting business owners that will turn into profitable relationships

And all this has happened with a minimum of effort on my part. I’m not working any harder (in fact I’m taking more time off like going to the gym in the morning) and it’s like I’m constantly in the zone. I no longer feel overwhelmed with all the things on my plate as they just seem to fit together now.

Your Success Depends On You

Like I said yesterday your success is all about you. The more effective you are in all areas of life the greater results you will have. Your dreams are as easy to reach as following the 3 step Scientific Formula for Success in Simpleology 101.

Simply put – life becomes a lot easier when you’re performing at your peak.

A Word About Endorsements

Now I don’t plan to be telling you about a lot of resources on this blog. I think we live in a world of information overload and I also feel that part of my job is to shield you from running around reading different articles on marketing or getting a whole bunch of courses you’ll never use. I want to keep your marketing and business education simple as well.

Therefore I’ve decided I’m only going to recommend a few key people to you and one of those people is Mark Joyner. I fully recommend you go out and try his Simpleology 101 course. It’s completely free and you have nothing to lose.

Plus if you find it useful I’ve love to hear your own story as well.

How To Avoid Overwhelm

There’s a lot in Simpleology but it’s all very easy and quick to use… only taking 15 minutes per day. To avoid overwhelm like I did you need to ignore the fancy control panel when you first log in. The link to the Simpleology 101 course is on the right hand side so just click that and watch the first video.

There’s also a course checklist to print out and a few other things that you’ll receive full instructions on. I recommend you commit to trying it for at least 7 days. I think you’ll find the benefits well worth the 15 minute investment.

What You Do Next

Visit the link below to sign up for your free Simpleology 101 account and start the course:

Start Simpleology 101 Now

About Craig Dewe

Craig is the founder of Web Marketing Outlaws and has been doing internet marketing for over 13 years. He enjoys working on projects that help people improve their lives and grow their businesses.


  1. Sheldon (Marketing Consultant, Tauranga)

    August 11, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    Hmmmm I’m going to give it a shot!

  2. Craig

    August 11, 2009 at 2:45 pm

    Good to hear Sheldon.

    It’s amazing how much time we lose to unproductive tasks. Mark’s simple solution allows us to focus on the things that matter and – perhaps more importantly – keeps us on track while we do it.

    I’ve seen – and used – a lot of time management type things over the last few years but this is the first one that is actually encapsulated in a full-blown system to keep you on track. I think this is perhaps the most valuable part of it.

    Just follow the instructions and make it your homepage! 🙂


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